For responsible, sustainable tourism

An art of living that takes care of you and the environment

Our commitments

Since 2008, we have been committed to reducing our ecological footprint and participating in the collective effort to preserve the planet. Day after day, each action, however modest, has been the trigger for another.
Today, this approach is an integral part of our daily lives, reflected in our purchases, our travels and our garden.
In 2023, we are proud to be one of France's Green Key label holders. This label recognizes and monitors our commitment to sustainable development.

Our focus


  • Energy consumption
  • Water consumptionWaste volume
  • Use of environmentally hazardous products


  • Renewable resources
  • Local products and know-how Products from responsible agriculture
  • Fair trade purchases for imported products
  • Sorting
  • Biodiversity in our garden

Our achievements


  • 100% of our electricity is generated from renewable sources (Enercoop, Ekwatteur)
  • Renewable energy for heating: wood pellets
  • 95% high-efficiency boiler, regularly maintained
  • Thermal regulation of heating with day/night programming, temperature modulation, thermostatic valves on radiators
  • Wall and roof insulation, double glazing and hygro B air handling unit
  • 100% of light bulbs are "class A or A+"
  • Monitoring of electricity and pellet consumption
  • Automatic switch-off of exterior lights
  • Appliances at least class A (oven A, dishwasher A+, refrigerator A+++)
  • Refrigerator installed away from heat sources
  • Bicycles available free of charge


  • Dual-control flush (3 or 6 liters)
  • Single-lever basin mixer with flow limiter
  • Thermostatic shower mixer with flow limiter
  • Almost systematic mulching of garden
  • Change of sheets and towels at guests' request
  • Monitoring of water consumption
  • Water- and energy-efficient washing machines and dishwashers

Healthier air and environment

  • Use of natural paints, varnishes and sealers (Biofa, Nature Harmonie)
  • Use of natural cleaning products (white vinegar, baking soda) or eco-labelled products
  • Use of eco-labeled detergents (dishes, laundry, floors)
  • Elimination of all chemical products used in the garden: thermal or manual weeding, treatments based on locally-grown plants (nettle, comfrey, marigold, tansy, etc.)

Responsible purchasing

  • Fresh bread and croissants from the artisan baker
  • 100% of breakfast products are made from organic, fair trade and/or local produce.
  • 100% of toilet paper and tissues are eco-labeled

Reducing our waste

  • Management of selective sorting and hazardous waste
  • No disposable products or pre-packaged individual portions
  • Hospitality products (shampoo/shower) are available in bottles
  • Cloth napkins;
  • Composting of garden and kitchen waste
  • Old objects in used condition are donated to the Emmaüs association in Poitiers

Monitoring the environmental approach

  • Collection of guests' comments and suggestions
  • Providing guests with an "In Practice" leaflet
  • Drafting of an environmental policy and action plan
  • Monitoring of water, electricity and wood pellet consumption