A responsible and sustainable tourism

Our commitments

An art of living that takes care of you and the environment

Since 2008, we have committed to reducing our impact on the environment and we want to actively take part in the global ecological effort to preserve the planet. Day after day, even if modest, each action was a factor to trigger another.
Today, this approach is part of our daily lives and is reflected in our purchases, our trips and the garden.

Our actions area

To limit

  • The energy consumption
  • The water consumption
  • The volume of waste
  • The use of environmentally dangerous products

To favor

  • Renewable resources
  • Local products and know-how
  • Products from responsible agriculture
  • Fair trade purchases for import products
  • Sorting
  • Biodiversity in our garden

Our achievements


  • 100% of the electricity used is produced from renewable sources (Enercoop, Ekwatteur)
  • Use of renewable energy for heating : wood pellets
  • A 95% high efficiency, regularly maintained boiler
  • Thermal regulation of heating by programming in day / night modes, temperature modulation, thermostatic valves on radiators
  • Insulation of walls and roof, double glazing and vmc hygro B
  • 90% of bulbs are "class A" (80% requested)
  • Electricity and pellet consumption monitoring
  • Automatic switching off of outdoor lamps
  • Household appliances are minimum  class A (oven A, dishwasher A +, refrigerator A +++


  • Dual control flush (3 or 6 liters)
  • Washbasin mixer with flow limiter
  • Thermostatic shower mixer with flow limiter
  • Quasi-systematic mulching of the garden
  • Sheet and towel changing  on the request of the guests
  • Water consumption monitoring
  • Washing machines and dishwashers with low water and energy consumption

Cleaner air and a healthier environment

  • Use of paint, natural varnish (Biofa brand, Nature Harmonie)
  • Use of natural cleaning products (white vinegar, sodium bicarbonate) or products with an eco-label
  • Use of detergents (dishes, laundry, floors) with an eco-label
  • Elimination of any chemicals used in the garden: thermal or manual weeding, treatment with plants grown on site (nettle, comfrey, marigold, tansy, etc.)

Responsible purchases

  • Fresh bread and croissants from the artisan baker
  • Breakfast based on organic and / or fair trade  products
  • 100% of toilet paper and tissues are eco-labeled

Reduce our waste

  • Management of selective sorting and hazardous waste
  • Removal of any disposable product or individual pre-packaged portions
  • Welcome products (shampoo / shower gel) available  provided in  “non- individual”, refillable bottles
  • Napkins made of fabric
  • Composting of garden waste and kitchen waste
  • Functional, used objects are donated to the Emmaus Association of Poitiers

Follow-up of the environmental approach

  • Collection of guest observations and suggestions
  • Hosts provided  with an  notice "In practice" notice
  • Writing of an environmental policy and an action plan
  • Water, electricity, wood pellet consumption monitoring

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