For responsible and sustainable tourism

our commitments

A way of life that looks after you and the environment

Since 2008, we have been committed to reducing our ecological footprint and contributing to saving the planet. Every little helps.
 Our daily actions are seen in our purchases, our movements and also in our garden.
Our way of living has led us to be awarded the "EU Ecolabel for Tourist accommodation" in November 2011.

our focus points


  • Energy use
  • Water use
  • Amount of household waste
  • The use of harmful products for the environment


  •  Renewable resources
  • Local products and know-how
  • Products from responsible farming
  • Fair trade products for imported produce
  • Recycling
  • Biodiversity in our garden

our actions so far


  • 100% of all electricity used comes from renewable sources (Enercoop, Ekwatteur)
  • Use of renewable energy for heating: wood pellets
  • Energy-saving boiler: 95% efficiency regularly maintained
  • Day/night regulating modes, temperature variation, thermostatic taps on the radiators
  • Insulated walls and roof, double-glazing and humidity-controlled ventilation system 
  • All our light bulbs are “A” or “A+” in energy-saving
  • Electricity and pellet use is closely monitored
  • Timed outdoor lighting
  • Energy-saving appliances (oven – category A, dishwasher – category A+, fridge – category A+++)
  • The fridge is found far from heat sources
  • Bikes are at your disposal during your stay


  • Dual flush toilets (3 or 6 litres)
  • Mixer tap with flow limiter
  • Thermostatic mixer tap in the shower with flow limiter
  • Mulching in the garden
  • Sheet and towel change at guests’ request
  • Water use is closely monitored
  • Water-saving washing machine and dishwasher

Cleaner air and environment

  • Use of natural paints and varnishes (Biofa, Nature Harmonie)
  • Use of environmentally friendly or natural (white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda) cleaning products
  • Use of environmentally friendly detergents (dishes, clothes & floors)
  • No chemical products used in the garden: thermal or manual weeding, treatments using the plants available (liquid manure made from nettles, symphytums, marigolds or tansies)

Responsible purchases

  • Fresh bread and croissants made by a qualified baker
  • 100% of our breakfast comes from local and/or organic and/or fair trade products
  • 100% of our toilet paper and tissues come from an environmentally friendly brand

Reducing our waste

  • Management of recycling and dangerous products disposal
  • Ban of single-use or individual portion packaging
  • Toiletries are provided in bottle form
  • Fabric napkins 
  • Compost for garden and kitchen waste
  • Any old but functional objects are given to the local charity, Emmaüs in Poitiers 

Following the environmental approach

  • Collection of guests’ observations and suggestions
  • A practical manual is at guests’ disposal
  • An environmental policy and action plan have been drawn up
  • Water, electricity and wood pellet use is closely monitored